Thursday, March 24, 2016

Golden Gate Turkey Trot

In 2014, we hosted the first ever Hendrickson Family Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving day. It was so much fun to run with the whole family. We made t-shirts, and had a scavenger hunt for the little kids. It was a blast. This year we wanted to recreate the magic of 2014, but it seemed a little more logistically challenging. We were hosting Thanksgiving, but we didn't have enough space for all of Caitlin's family, so half of them were staying an hour south with her sister Amber, and getting all the kids ready and up in time for a run, plus making dinner, made it a little complicated. So we decided just to do our own run with Caitlin's sister Lindsey. 
We drove into the city to do our 5k across the Goldn Gate Bridge, since that was something we really wanted to share with Lindsey. The bridge is 1.7 miles long, so basically a 5k when you run down and back. Perfect!
We left pretty early in the morning so we could get our run in, and if you've been to the Golden Gate Bridge, you know, it is really cold and windy there. We were bundled up for the race since our hands and faces were frozen.
We also decided not to really race, but instead we all ran together so we could enjoy the time on the bridge. We had been smack talking for a few weeks beforehand about who would win this year, so we felt pretty good about having a pressure free fun run instead.
And this was definitely a FUN run. Getting there just in time for the sunrise and being some of the only people crazy enough to be running across the GGB at that hour definitely had it's perks. We were able to really enjoy one of this nations landmarks without the intense crowds normally produced by holidays in California. I was in heaven.
We ran the total 5k in about 26 minutes, which wasn't as good as last year, but it was still pretty good for not training and sticking together, so I'm happy. 
After going to the bridge, we decided to swing past the Painted Ladies and show off some SF landmarks to Lindsey. Her flight got in after everyone else, so she wasn't able to see the bridge or the Painted Ladies as part of our previous tour, and she was dying to see everything she remembered from the opening scenes of Full House. 
It is so much fun living in an area that has definite "must-see" tourist attractions. It makes it a lot of fun when people come to visit and we get to do unforgettable things like run across the GGB on Thanksgiving. What a great and epic memory we can hold onto forever. Which is probably a good thing, since it has been months and I am just now blogging about it. Ha ha!

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