Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Weddings and Pumpkins

Eric and Elizabeth Smith
Back in October, Caitlin's cousin, Eric, got married in Utah. We are really close with Eric's family since we have so much in common with them. They lived/worked in Uganda, they let me stay with them for a few months before Caitlin and I got married, they are always traveling and having fun as a family. We absolutely love them. So when we got his wedding announcement we knew we had to make a trip up to Utah.
Flights from Oakland to Provo were only $40 one-way, so we booked a weekend flight up for the wedding. We actually didn't get in for the ceremony, but we were there in time for the luncheon and the reception. They had their reception outside (kind of a risk in Utah in October) and it was absolutely lovely. A lot of Caitlin's family was there to celebrate with Eric and his new wife Elizabeth. She seemed lovely and fit in with the family well. 

After the wedding we stayed with Caitlin's sister and brother-in-law in Spanish Fork and we got to spend time with our nieces, Brooklyn and Rileigh. Both Brooklyn and Rileigh are outgoing girls, but in the past it took a while for them to warm up and have fun with their aunts and uncles. This time around they were eager to spend time with us and we had a blast with them and their quirky personalities. 
We went to Jaker's, a pumpkin patch/corn pit with the kids so we could soak up some fall sunshine. Jaker's had a corn pit, which neither Caitlin nor I had heard of. They are so much fun. Basically it is just a pit full of corn kernels that you play in, similar to a sandbox. The kids absolutely loved it too.
Jaker's also had fun activities for kids. Like a slide built into a wall of hay. The kids had to run up the side of the hay wall to get to the top of the slide, and then they crashed into a soft pile of hay at the bottom. This is basically fall heaven for children.
They also had a petting zoo that we stopped at. They had llamas, pigs, geese, and a kangaroo. I don't know how the kangaroo fit in with the other petting zoo animals, but we were excited to have a go and pet it. Kangaroos are exceptionally soft. Or at least this little guy was. I guess I can't speak for all kangaroos since I've only ever touched the one.
Both Brooklyn and Rileigh liked the petting zoo as well. They weren't too thrilled about the geese (who is?) and they were only slightly disappointed that the animals wouldn't eat the straw they pushed through the fence.
After caressing the animals, we moved on to the hay ride through the cornfield and pumpkin patch. What an adventure, right?
The whole place was only a few acres, so the slow tractor ride didn't take up too much time on our afternoon adventures.
We ended our time at Jaker's in the hay maze. Although the hay maze was pretty small and simple, I think it was made for adults since there were spaces big enough for children to slip through. Ha ha!
We love spending time with our family and only wish we would have had more than a weekend to enjoy more family while we were in Utah.

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