Monday, December 7, 2015

Best Friends United

This is what it looks like when two best friends get together for an afternoon after a super long friendship hiatus. Maybe friendship hiatus isn't the right combination of words to use, but it had certainly been a long time since Rick Roper and I had gotten together. It was long overdue. 
We decided to drive up Payson Canyon and check out some of the lakes and fall foliage up there. Unfortunately the lakes were a little on the low side. There wasn't much snow in Utah this past winter, so the lack of runoff didn't really help supply much in terms of lake depth.
But since the lakes were empty, we decided to hike the Grotto Trail instead, which is a simple stroll through the forest to a waterfall tucked inside an alcove of rocks. The hike is short, but the waterfall was worth it. I like water, in all forms, so having a waterfall at the end of a hike makes the hike, no matter how short or how strenuous, worth it. 
After going up through Payson Canyon, we went to McCoard's Mystery Corn Maze in order to get our Halloween fix in. October is a pretty warm month in San Francisco, and since it is warm and densely populated, we knew we would probably be surrounded by swarms of people at any Halloween even we attended. So we opted to do those type of things in Utah instead. 
At McCoards, there is a corn pit that we frolicked in for a while.  I can't even describe to you the joy one experiences while playing in a corn pit. I would rather my kids have one of these than a sandbox.  Seriously. Look at how much fun Caitlin and Rick were having in the pit. And they're supposed to be adults. :)
At McCoards we also got to use a corn cannon to shoot ears of corn at various targets. Caitlin was the best shot. I was the worst. I was actually all sorts of upset since I was aiming at a crow, and I really really hate crows. But now I know that I'll need Caitlin by my side if we ever need to defend our home from a crow invasion and all we have is a corn cannon.
Of course, there was also a corn maze as part of these Halloween festivities. The corn maze had several different games you could play as part of the maze. Like certain checkpoints that you had to find, each with a unique hole punch that you used to check off the spots you visited. 
Rick was really good at following the map and understanding where to go in the maze. I was really good at throwing corn around, and Caitlin was good at spotting the checkpoints. We made a really good team.
After finding our way through the maze, we spent time taking pictures with random cutouts...
And practicing our lasso skills. I think this is a dying art since none of us were very expert. 
Afterward we had dinner at Zupas, Caitlin's favorite Utah eatery, visited a closed museum, and chatted all about Rick's love life. I really wish Rick lived closer to us so we could spend more days having adventures, but I doubt we're going to move to Utah in the near future, and I don't think Rick would fit in with the crowd in the bay. So for now we'll just have to suffice with periodic visits packed full of fun.

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