Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Becoming Cinnaholics

When we moved to New England for my graduate school, we didn't know that we would make lifelong friends while at school. But SIT has really become a community/family for us. We have seen people from SIT in numerous states and countries as we have traveled the globe. 
We are really lucky to have one of our good friends, Nicole, live right here in the bay area! A while back we decided to meet up for breakfast at Cinnaholic, a gourmet vegan cinnamon roll shop in Berkeley. But knowing that we were going to stuff ourselves full of sugary deliciousness, we decided we had better start the morning off by walking a few miles around the Lafayette Reservoir. It was a gloomy Saturday morning, but the weather was perfect for a brisk walk. We had a fun time catching up and talking about everything that had happened since we left school. Nicole and I worked together in the EIL office, so we spent nearly every day together having fun in the office. Then when I left to go to Argentina for 5 weeks, she kept Caitlin company. She was really one of our best friends in Vermont. 
After walking the few miles around the reservoir, we took a drive out to Berkeley for our decadent breakfast. My sister, Carley, had told us about Cinnaholic and that she wanted to try it when she comes down for a visit. They were on Shark Tank a few years ago and have exploded since then. 
 At Cinnaholic there are so many options of frostings and cinnamon roll toppings, we couldn't decide on just one each. So we settled on getting mini cinnamon rolls instead. We each got three and sampled the different flavors. We tried peach, raspberry, blackberry, maple, butter pecan, pumpkin, peanut butter, macadamia nut, and key lime. Or at least those are the ones I think we tried. It has been a while so I can't remember exactly which ones we tried. I do know that Caitlin loved the maple, and Nicole and I liked the peanut butter. I also really liked the blackberry and the peach. Actually, I just like cinnamon rolls. Put any type of frosting on top and it is going to be good. 
We were on a sugar high after eating all those cinnamon rolls, but it was well worth it. If you are ever in the bay area and want to try a sweet treat, check out Cinnaholic. You definitely wont regret it. 

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