Wednesday, December 2, 2015

6 Flags Fright Fest

This year Caitlin and I really wanted to go to Fright Fest at 6 Flags, but tickets were nearly $60. So we started researching how we could get a better deal. 6 Flags was offering 2016 year passes for $55, and that included the remainder of 2015 and free parking pass. The only catch was that you had to have 4 people or more to get the deal. We talked to all of our friends but they either already had passes or they weren't interested. We were getting desperate since we really wanted to go. Finally we found a family in our ward that wanted to buy tickets. They bought 7 and we added our 2 to their package in order to get the discounted price. So now we have season passes to 6 Flags!
We went to Fright Fest on the last Friday in October, which was also the Friday before Halloween. It was absolutely packed in the park. They had people dressed up and haunting the pathways. There were haunted houses (which we didn't go to) and haunted walkways (which we did go to). Plus there were roller coasters to enjoy.
Since the park was so crowded, we stood in line for a lot of the time, but the rides were worth the wait. Besides, what else would we be doing on a Friday night. Our friends Tim and Catherine were driving up to join us, and by the time they got parked and we all got our season passes printed out (you had to stand in a super long line for that too), we only had time for one more ride and a couple of haunted pathways.
One of the haunted pathways was full of zombies, which actually really freaked us out. The other ones were cemeteries or spiders which were scary, but not the type of scary to make you jump. More eerie than scary. But the zombie field was filled with flesh eating zombies. Or at least they were humans in very convincing costumes and makeup. 
Caitlin, Catherine, and Tim said they weren't interested in the haunted houses, but after going through the spooky lanes they were more interested. Unfortunately the park was closing soon so we didn't have time to wait in line and enjoy a haunted house. But now that we know what to expect, we will go to Fright Fest earlier in the season and enjoy the haunted houses and roller coasters. 

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