Thursday, November 19, 2015

Vocal Few: The Dream Alive

We really love the band Vocal Few. We actually attended one of their concerts during their living room tour in 2012, and watched their concert from the comfort of our bed for Valentine's day in 2014. In case you don't want to read my previous blog posts where I describe this duo, I'll give you a brief rundown here. 

Matt and Kristie MacDonald are a married couple living in Seattle, Washington. They originally started recording music together as a way to raise money for their unborn child. Their music is inspiring and has lyrics that have a myriad of meanings depending on when you listen to it. Some of my favorites are Wild I Am, Mexico, and Every Second.   
We really love them, but we're not crazy or obsessed by any means (haven't reached groupie status yet). I think one of the reasons their music resonates with us is the fact that they are a married couple, they have a fun dynamic between the two of them, and they have religious undertones to their music (one reason I also love Mumford and Sons). 

They do living room tours every few years (normally to launch a new EP) and this year we were able to catch them in the bay area. We drove about an hour and a half down to where they were going to perform to a lovely home in Turlock, California. They played a sampling of songs from their two previous EPs, some newly recorded music (the tour was before their EP came out so these were nice sneak peeks), and a few covers of the Classic Crime songs (Matt's other band). 
We got some great seats in the living room on a couch (most people were on plastic or dining chairs. And had a blast during the performance. Things got a little weird during the Q&A portion with people asking super deep and personal religious questions to Matt and Kristie, but other than that, the concert was flawless.
We don't go to many concerts, mainly because we don't want to spend tons of money to see a band perform live, but we LOVE living room tours and wish more artists that we liked would come to the bay for a decent price. I'm still super mad that back in 2009 I didn't go see Adele in a small concert in Salt Lake (I couldn't convince anyone to go with me, even though tickets were only $15). Hopefully soon there will be another great concert that we can enjoy here in the bay on a budget.

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