Monday, November 16, 2015

Summer Swimming

Living so close to our niece and nephew has been great. We get to have a fun time babysitting them, and we especially love it when we get to spend time at the pool together! The summer in San Francisco doesn't get super warm, so anytime the temperature crept up, we headed outside to soak up the sun. 
Both Ethan and Elaine requested time at the pool, which was so funny since we were encouraging them to come with us to the beach. But to them, the pool was way more enticing. But in actuality, Ethan had no desire to go swimming. In fact, he spent most of his time playing on the chairs at the pool instead of in the water. 
Ethan quickly discovered that the chairs were basically just mini slides. He was freezing as well, so we had to wrap up in some towels and get directly in the sun. 
Elaine had another idea to soak up the sun. She would lay right next to the pool with her face on the cement. People would walk by and stare at her, but she didn't mind. She said it was better than the chairs. Ha! 
Elaine also liked to play games in the pool (what 4 year old doesn't?) so we would jump in at the same time, and I would swim as far as I could from her and she would catch up to me and hitch a ride back to the side of the pool. Even though she is tiny, this little game was exhausting. Seriously. I'm a terrible swimmer and could only do this half a dozen times before I called it quits. Kids have such stamina, it's amazing.
 But even though kids have incredible stamina, once the shade swoops in, everyone starts feeling the cold. So we went back to our apartment to get warm and eat some fresh summer fruits. Babysitting is so much fun, and we're so glad to live close enough to enjoy these little ones. 

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