Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Oakland A's

We are not really big baseball fans, although we did go to a Red Sox game in Boston and a Padres game in San Diego. Really what we enjoy about baseball is the atmosphere and the friends. We have made some amazing friends while living in Alameda and a group of us decided to go to an Oakland A's game since the tickets are only $15 each. Granted, we are in the highest section, but when you're not really paying attention to the game, why does it matter how close you sit?
We went with our friends James and Kathryn Richardson, and Catherine Sebreros. Yes, in our group of friends there are two Catherine/Kathryns and a Caitlin. We have to make everything more difficult. Catherine's husband, Tim, is in dental school so he couldn't make it to the game, but she is used to being the fifth wheel of our group. :) Moving somewhere new is always a little tricky since sometimes it takes a while to make friends, if you ever even make friends. But we are SUPER lucky at the friends we have made while here. They are so much fun and are always down for trying something new. I don't know if any of them were super into the game either, but it is always more fun doing things with your friends than doing things alone. 
We packed some hot chocolate and blankets and headed up to the top box for our exciting game against the Houston Astros? Hmm... maybe it was the Texas Rangers. I don't actually remember (seriously, a riveting game) but I have a feeling they were from Texas. The A's lost, but that's ok. They give us a team to root for. I prefer baseball to football, so I doubt we'll go to any Raider's games, so the A's will be our team while we are living here. 

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