Wednesday, November 18, 2015

City Explorers: San Francisco Tourist Addition

San Francisco is such a touristy city, and I understand why tourists love coming here. Not only can you find places featured in Full House, the Princess Diaries, and Inside Out, but you have such a fun blend of diverse people who make touring the city an adventure. 
Caitlin and I live on an island (or what we will always refer to as an island) off the coast of Oakland. You can get here by taking a tunnel (tube), bridge, or ferry. When we decided to go out and explore some of the tourist traps of San Francisco, we opted for the ferry.
The day we set sail was absolutely gorgeous, albeit a little chilly for a boat ride. The fog rolls in in the morning, but the chill sometimes lingers until noon. The wind also didn't help, but we managed to get a few pictures of us with a backdrop of the city before the wind got too crazy.
Since we're still basically tourists here (you're a tourist until you say you are from somewhere. We are currently just living in the area) we had to do some of the great touristy things we didn't do the last time we were in San Francisco. We went down to Fisherman's Wharf and enjoyed views of Alcatraz and sea lions. The ferry drops you off at a super convenient location so you have access to all the great things down by the wharf. 
San Francisco is famous for its sourdough bread, so we grabbed a loaf to snack on as we made our way to Ghirardelli Square for a sampling of chocolate. Ghirardelli made San Francisco home after successfully selling chocolates in Peru. Maybe he thought he could make more money in the US. We love going into the store and getting samples of chocolate. The ice cream is also amazing, but a little pricey for a tourist on a budget.
We walked all along the Aquatic Park Pier and watched people fish, run, and crab (is that a verb). We are walkers and sometimes just enjoy walking around cities. We don't even have to do anything, we just like walking. That is a little different than some tourists who take cabs or segways (they look like fun, but I'd be embarrassed to wear the vests and helmets some companies require).
We also stopped into the Maritime Museum, which I found exciting but we didn't dedicate very much time to it. We made the mistake of going on Labor Day so the crowds were starting to get think. I'm not a very big fan of crowds. Get there early, leave early - that's my motto. We took an early morning ferry and were done by noon (about the time most tourists begin their days), which means we were leaving as the crowds were pouring into the wharf.
So then we took the relaxing ferry ride back to our island home. It is funny going to visit the city you work in, but when you act like a tourist it is so much more fun. My version of San Francisco (the streets not cleaned up for tourism) are filled with smells of urine and pigeons. I definitely like the sights and smells of touristy San Francisco so much more.

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