Sunday, July 12, 2015

Weekend in Bubita

Bubita is this great town in the Bududa district. It is very small and very quiet. And it is surrounded by mountains. David Zaale, our partner out there, invited us to spend Easter weekend with him and his family. We were so excited to explore a little bit and enjoy a relaxing weekend with him. 
We left for Bubita on a Saturday and Carley and I went up hiking one of the mountains. Of course, by the time we started hiking, it started raining and was immensely muddy - but we wanted to persevere, so we kept trekking along. There was also a doctor staying with David for the weekend, Archna, so she joined us for the hike. I know I've mentioned in previous posts that the hikes we did in Uganda were basically just trails that people use to get to and from their houses, but these things were incredibly steep. 
And we were the insane mzungus who were out in the rain slipping around in the mud just to get to the top of a foggy mountain. But it was such an adventure, we couldn't say no. One of David's grandchildren, also named David, joined us for the hike and he used a banana leaf for an umbrella. We tried to stay dry by using our raincoats, but it is so hot and humid while it is raining, that you begin to sweat inside your raincoat - so you are wet either way. 
When we finally reached the top, we couldn't see anything. The fog was so incredibly dense. But luckily, this mountain was double peaked so by the time we made it to the second peak, we had a view. 
After finishing our hike, we went back to David's and got dressed in dry clothes and joined everyone else for some games and food. The Zaale's really take care of you when you visit. David also has a dog named Hiker, which if you pronounce with the hard "R" like we do in the US, she doesn't respond to. You have to pronounce it like Hika. She tags along wherever you go, and LOVES mzungus. We had a great Easter morning with the Zaales, and then we went out and explored around the town. 
We decided to walk along the river to see what we could find. Since it had been raining all night, the water was really brown, but we did find a place to relax and enjoy the view.  When Caitlin and I visited Bubita, she said that this is the place she would want to live if we came back to Uganda. And I think I would love living here too. The nature is so beautiful, and I love being up against the mountains. Plus, the people are so friendly, and it is really quiet. But I doubt we will ever move back to Uganda, so I wont start making any plans. 

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