Sunday, July 12, 2015

Caitlin's Final Weeks in Uganda

Caitlin's last week was one of the saddest and busiest weeks we had in Uganda. We were trying to get everything done before Caitlin left while trying not to think about her leaving. Here are some highlights of things she was able to do during her last week: 
She went to an orphanage to do a needs assessment and ended up playing with the kids and reading to them. 
She went to the Liahona Education Center and taught a maturation class to a group of young women. They taught them about their period, puberty, etc., and did a demonstration of a pad and how it works to soak up blood. These classes were such a help to the young women since they didn't have any other training to help them understand what was happening to their bodies.
She went with Alisa to present the books they helped make for the primary school in Kyemula. These books were written and illustrated by students in secondary school, then delivered to the primary school for them to use in their teaching.
On one of Caitlin's last days, we were walking through an alley to get to a store, and someone came hurrying up to us from the other end. It was David Zaale! We had stayed at his house and he had been driving in Mbale (which is an hour from where he lives) and he saw us and knew Caitlin was leaving soon, so he wanted to take us to lunch! He was so sweet. We went with him to his car and then we went and picked up his wife from the bank (and surprised her) so we could go to lunch. We ended up going to Cosmo, the Help volunteers favorite place to eat, and enjoyed a quick lunch with them. They are a great couple and really loved Caitlin. They kept assuring her that they would take care of me when she left. 
When Caitlin left I think I went through a phase of depression. It was hard going back to work without her. She had touched so many lives while she was in Uganda, and everyone kept asking about her which made it even harder. But we got to Skype most days, and we kept a running countdown until we were reunited. I think being apart for those 8 weeks made us love each other more, if that is even possible. 

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