Friday, February 20, 2015

Sipi Falls

Last weekend, after a very long week of partner meetings, project visits, and hours and hours of project planning, we thought it would be a fun excursion to hike Sipi Falls. Sipi Falls is about an hour north of Mbale, and it is a series of 3 waterfalls that you can hike to. We took a taxi out there with our whole team and paid 11,000 shillings more than they did back in October when they went (oh well). And we started our adventure. 
The first waterfall we came to we were at the base of the waterfall. Our friend Peter came with us as our unofficial guide, and he said this was the best way to take a shower, so he pranced around in the freezing cold water while we all watched.  
Then as we hiked higher up the mountain, we saw some streams and smaller falls that feed into the larger waterfall.  Our guide explained a bit about the surrounding areas and we spent some time feeling the water, finding leeches, and watching the wildlife (some cows also basking in the sun near the stream).
The water was surprisingly cold, so although we were at a natural pool, we didn't want to go in. 
Dillon and Porter thought the leeches in the water would make nice pets, so they spent a long time searching for a good one. I'm not sure if they actually found anything since we were too busy sticking our feet in to really pay attention to what they were doing upstream. 
At the second large waterfall we walked down to the base of the falls where we could walk into the water and get a freezing cold blast of hurricane wind. Not everyone went down to the base since it was freezing, but it was definitely an experience. 
After the freezing cold falls, we trekked to the last one, which was quite an adventure. There was a HUGE staircase that went down and down and down. It was a little terrifying at times, but it was so fun to trek down. 
At the base, we spent time relaxing, some of us ate some lunch, and we all watched some people repel down from the top of the falls. 
Our group was so much fun to hike with. And the break was much needed. :)
We for sure were a bunch of warriors during the hike. Afterward, we checked our mileage and we went more than 5 miles and a billion flights of stairs.  
At the end, everyone was so tired that they passed out in the car (and I fell asleep in the front seat too).  

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