Thursday, January 15, 2015

Anna Baird's Wedding

Weddings are so great. And what makes them even better is a beautifully sunny, outdoor reception with a mini BYU-Idaho reunion. 
Our friend Anna Baird got married on January 3, 2015. The reception was beautiful and her new husband seemed great. Plus, when we walked into the reception, the Civil Wars were playing so I know he has good taste in music. :)
As we were walking around the reception we were worried that we wouldn't know anyone there and would sit all lonely eating gelato and rice krispy treats. But then Aimee Schultz, Anna's best friend and our BYU-Idaho friend came and sat next to us! Yay for friends. Her and her daughter were just hanging out in southern California since Christmas. 
Then, to make it even better, Brad Nuttall and his wife Tracy, and their cute daughter dropped by as well. It was seriously like a little reunion. Brad and I were roommates, and Aimee and Anna were roommates, and we were all FHE siblings. Then later in the summer, Aimee, Anna, and Caitlin were all roommates. Such the greatest time. 
They had a photo booth at the reception, so all of us decided to squeeze in and take some pictures. 
Anna and her husband Braeden were super cute together. He was so nice and they seemed perfect for each other. I wish receptions weren't so hectic. It would have been so great to have time to talk to them longer. I haven't seen Anna since she went on her mission, so we had a lot to talk about. But I am overjoyed to see the happy couple and am so grateful for facebook and blogging to keep in contact with people you don't get to see very frequently. 

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