Monday, November 10, 2014

October on the Beach

One of the great things about living near the beach is the ability to go there in the off-season. October is definitely the off-season for San Diego vacationers, but the water is definitely warmer in September and early October, so of course we took advantage. Plus, Caitlin got a new swimsuit, so we had to test it out. :)
One of the great things about fall is the change of weather from warm to cold, but a great part of San Diego fall is that it is still really warm during the day and cold at night. It didn't even seem like October on the beach. And aren't there times when all you need is a good dose of sun? That is exactly how we felt before going out to the beach, and now we're 100% rejuvenated. 
Yeah, not much of a blog post, but I had some extra pictures that I needed to post so I didn't forget. 

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