Saturday, November 22, 2014

Alex Boye Live!

Have you ever heard of Alex Boye? He is a pretty great musical artist. Actually, he is phenomenal. He is of Nigerian heritage, and mixes his songs with an Africanized feel. Seriously, so much fun. Well... he came to San Diego this past week, and did a concert in Caitlin's parents house. How cool is that? 
It was a really intimate setting. And since it was at my in-laws house, we were there for the whole process. Him warming up, meeting his band, and even meeting other artists that had accompanied him.
This is Alisha Popat. She is a Kenyan artist who looked very familiar when we saw her come with Alex, but it took a minute to figure out who she was... well it turns out that she sings with Lindsey Stiring, and we have been using her song as our alarm clock for the past few years. How strange is that? She sang a little bit with Alex, and we were completely starstruck.

 Alex did two separate concerts at the house. He is Mormon, so he had a spiritual fireside type of concert, and then a super fun neighborhood concert filled with dancing and high energy singing. 
At the spiritual fireside, Clark played the piano for Alex. Pretty cool to say that he accompanied him while he sang. So amazing.

It was so amazing to have him over - and it definitely turned our house into a bunch of Boye fanatics for the next few days.  
Oh, and in case you haven't heard of Alex Boye, here is one of his great videos. But seriously, I would recommend checking out all of his videos - they are great! 


  1. Hi.. This is so awesome!! I'm jealous. And I've never seen this lemonade video. So great!

  2. That sounds so fun!!! Glad you had a great time!