Monday, October 20, 2014

Sweet Visit from Sanna

A few weeks ago we had a great visit from our friend Sanna. She and I attended school at SIT together, and now she lives out in Virginia. Of course, we love having guests, so we enjoyed showing her all of San Diego. She was so funny. She kept saying that this was like staying at a resort cause we fixed her food (not fancy food, just regular food) and gave her tours of the city. She even had to take a picture of me making her a smoothie. The smoothie isn't too fancy, but Sanna was impressed. :)

Caitlin had to work on Friday, so I took Sanna out to see the town. We went to the Mexican border (Sanna didn't bring her passport, so we didn't cross the border), and we snapped a few pictures with signs and the Mexican flag. Oh how I miss that sweet country. 

There's Tijuana in the background! When Sanna comes to visit again, we are definitely going to make a trip across the border so she can actually experience Mexico, not just see it.

Then we went to Coronado and walked on the beach and into some of the shops. This beach was really cool, and they even had gold sand in part of it. So weird. We couldn't figure out why the sand was gold. 

We also explored Old Town and went to the Mormon Battalion and ate some great Mexican food. We jammed a lot of stuff into the day. 
At 4:00 we met up with Caitlin to go to a rodeo in Poway. Sanna had never been to a rodeo before! Seriously? How could she never have been to a rodeo? And who comes to San Diego to go to a rodeo? WE DO!
So of course, we had to try on hats and play around with everything country. 

And we ate some amazing deep fried food too. We had some nachos and fried dough, or a big scone. I don't really know what you call those in San Diego. I feel like the name of it changes depending on where you are. 

And then of course, there was the actual rodeo! We were there pretty early, so we had to sit around and chat for a bit (that make it sound bad, but it was actually a joy to sit around and talk). Then the rodeo started and by the end of the night I could barely talk because I had been yelling so much.

We love having visitors, no matter where we are. And right now, we're in San Diego - so come and visit us! It gives us an excuse to explore and you get to have an amazing vacation with really cool people. :)

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