Thursday, August 7, 2014

A Sea World Birthday

Back in July I turned 28. Remember back when you are in high school and 28 seems so old? Yeah, I still feel pretty young, and I'm starting to realize that age doesn't really define how old you are, but it's more about how you conduct your life that shows your real age. 

For my age, Caitlin knew just how to plan the best birthday. 

We started out going to Dairy Queen the night before to have some birthday ice cream. Dairy Queen sends buy one, get one free coupon for your birthday - so we definitely had to utilize that baby. 
Then, Caitlin surprised me with tickets to Sea World! Her friend Bree works there and hooked us up with some tickets. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! I seriously loved it. There is a new roller coaster there, so we hit that up a few times right when we got there so we wouldn't have to wait in line. And then we made sure to watch every single show. The dolphins, Shamu, and the sea lions. It was great.
Bree works that the Cirque de la Mar show at Sea World, so we got VIP seats. It is a really cool Cirque show where they use the water as part of the show. We also had fun on the rides at Sea World, playing with the manta rays, and watching the flamingo parade. 
In the evening, we took a break and went to the Spanish branch beach party and had dinner and watched the sun set on the beach. It was absolutely gorgeous.
Then we went back to Sea World to enjoy the night show before heading home. It seriously was such a great birthday. Got to do two of my favorite things: enjoy time with Caitlin, and spend time in the sun. Win/win. Can't wait to see where 28 will take me, 27 was a great year for me, and I have a feeling that every year will keep getting better. 

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