Saturday, July 12, 2014

Roommate Reunion in Costa Rica

While I was at BYU-Idaho I had the best roommates in the world. Seriously. And even though we are spread all throughout the world, we still manage to keep in contact - and even have a reunion in Central America. 
After spending a week in Nicaragua, it was time to move on to Costa Rica. Although it should not have  taken a long time, I feel like getting from La Isla de Ometepe in Nicaragua to the beach in Costa Rica took forever. The border crossing was easy, but the money exchange and the transport in Costa Rica is not the most efficient. Of all the countries we visited, Costa Rica has the worst public transportation. But we finally made it to Playa Tamarindo and found a perfect hostel for the 5 of us. 

Rick Roper, Bryce Fairbourn, and Dave Borchardt flew down to Costa Rica to visit us for a week, but when we got to the beach they were nowhere to be seen. So we decided to head to the beach and watch the sunset.  

This sunset was incredibly beautiful! We love watching sunsets, and over the water it is even better.

Right after the sun had set, we ventured out to find the three amigos that we were sure had finally arrived. We were super lucky and found them almost immediately. They were crossing the street just as we were walking down the sidewalk - so we snagged them and went to grab food and some ice cream. One thing to understand about Costa Rica is that the entire country (or at least the beaches) is catered toward tourists. The majority of people speak English, and the majority of the food is from other countries. We got Mexican and Columbian food for dinner, then gelato for dessert. It took a few days to find some good Tico food.
Rick was so excited to get ice cream that he got double the amount of everyone else - but then couldn't finish it, so he ended up throwing most of it away. I don't think that has ever happened to Caitlin and I. We can put ice cream away. 
For the next few days we explored all over the beaches and parks in Costa Rica. This was one of our favorite places with our friends. Having friends makes traveling better. We should've gotten friends to join us on every leg of our trip - especially if they were anything like these three crazy guys.

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