Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Renting a Car in Costa Rica

All during our backpacking trip we always used public transportation or walked to get from point A to point B. But the public transportation in Costa Rica is miserable. Seriously. Getting anywhere requires a lot of time and patience since the busses do not run on convenient hours, and taxis are way expensive. So we decided to rent a car for some of our adventures.
After visiting Rincon de la Vieja, we really wanted to watch the sunset over the ocean - but we had no idea how to get to a convenient ocean... so we started driving. We ended up finding this small little town that had a lookout point that we could get a good view from, but we wanted to be on the beach, so after snapping a few pictures, we had to move on.

So we got in the car and we drove, and drove, and drove. We actually circled around the beach since we were at a cove. We stopped and asked a few pedestrians how to get to the beach and they all asked, "which one?" and we said we just wanted to see the sunset. They just said to turn right... not very helpful, but eventually we found this beach:
It was gorgeous, but unfortunately, we had gone too far around the cove, so the sun was setting behind a hill rather than over the water. Kind of a fail on our part.
But just because there was no watery sunset, that does not mean that we didn't have an amazing time on the beach. We found dead fish... lots of them. Puffer fish, bait fish, and this nasty one that Rick picked up has really vicious teeth. So gross.
We also skipped rocks on the ocean. Of course, Bryce was the best... yet again. :)
We took some great group shots. We hardly have any pictures of all five of us, but Dave was able to solve that problem.

We also got to play with hermit crabs, which were EVERYWHERE. There were hoards of them in the logs and rocks all around the beach. I wish we could've taken some home. Would've been a cool souvenir. 
And since this was the second to last night we were going to have in Latin America, we of course spent some time reminiscing and reflecting about our time abroad. 9 months goes by way too fast. 
And of course, the purpose of this excursion was to see the sunset, so we also enjoyed that on the beach. So funny that we would spend so much time searching out this sunset. We are in San Diego now, and we haven't gone to the beach at sunset yet. Kind of funny how that happens. 
Well, like I said, only one more day in Latin America - which means only one more blog about our adventures. As much as I've procrastinated writing all of these blog posts, I'm going to be sad when they are all done and written. I really miss our time abroad. But, I will wait until next time to get all sentimental. 

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