Sunday, July 27, 2014

Other Happenings

So after writing my last post about things we've been up to since we came back to the States was not a fully comprehensive list. Basically, I just uploaded a bunch of pictures and summarized what we've been doing. 
And then I found all these pictures, and thought I should continue summarizing. 

We spent a week with all of Caitlin's family in town. It was a lot of fun having them all around, and the house was definitely crazy with 10 adults and 4 small children. 
We had a lot of fun going to the beach with our nieces and nephew. Kids are so funny on the beach. It is really a love hate relationship. They love the sand until they realize they are dirty. They love the water until they are all wet. They love the snacks we bring until they drop them in the sand and cant clean them. It is a pretty funny scene to watch. 
We pretty much love the beach. I never thought I would be so much of a beach person, but Central America did that for me. The San Diego beach is a lot colder than anywhere in Central America, but once the wind died down and the sun started shining, it became a lot more bearable. At first, I hid behind our umbrella and under a stack of towels. I was basically the biggest wimp of the day.
During that week, Caitlin's little brother Justin graduated from high school, so we spent a night at Caitlin's old high school stadium so we could watch him graduate. Check out the guy right behind Caitlin. Isn't he the greatest? 
After everyone left, we went to the library to get free tickets to a Padres game. If you checked out 20 books, you got 2 free tickets. We checked out 60 books so we could all go and enjoy a free night at the Padres. It was pretty sweet. We won too!
We also had a fun double date with some of Caitlin's friends. We went to an outdoor movie and saw Gravity. It was super fun, and FREE! Well, we didn't go inside the actual park, so it was free to us. :) We learned how to be cheap while we were in Central America.
We have also been grilling a lot. It is my favorite summer activity. That is one of the reasons I would love to live in San Diego - you can grill year round! 
And lastly, we had an amazing time on the 4th of July up at Green Valley Falls. It is supposed to be a great set of waterfalls, but due to the drought it was kind of a trickle of water. But it rained on us while we were there, so it picked up a little. :) It was great being out in nature though, since San Diego doesn't have very much of that. 
And now I think I've covered the main things we've experienced since being in San Diego. Next time I post, I'll catch ya'll up on my birthday celebrations. 28 years old baby!

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  1. I have loved following all your adventures! Glad you are enjoying being back in the good old USA!! :)