Thursday, July 17, 2014

Last Day in Costa Rica

Our last day in Costa Rica we decided that we should get up super early and go snorkeling in an area that had less waves than the beach where we were staying. So we got up before sunrise and drove up the beach. The boys got in the water to snorkel, and Caitlin relaxed on the beach. 
We snorkeled out to an island that was close to the shore which had tons of rocks and fishes that we could spy on. 
Rick had never been snorkeling before this trip and he was hilarious. The first time we attempted to snorkel, he wore a life jacket. Seriously. Who wears a life jacket while snorkeling? Ha! It was hilarious. He didn't make it out to the island either. He preferred staying near the shore. 
After the sun rose we all decided to go body surfing for a little while. That was super cool on this beach since there were stingrays riding in the waves with us. Kind of scary when you see this huge fish trailing behind you, but they never attacked us. Do stingrays even attack people? 

After playing on the beach for a little while, we packed up and went souvenir shopping, then hopped a bus for San Jose. But... we took the advice of some locals and ended up sitting around for hours in Santa Cruz because the connecting bus was not at a convenient time. Seriously, the bus schedules in Costa Rica are awful. 
We were all exhausted, and within minutes we were all passed out... well except for me. I had to stay awake so that we got off on the right stop. 
Once we got to San Jose, we found a great hostel and settled in for the night. Rick and Bryce took off for their flight really early in the morning so we all woke up to say goodbye, then went back to sleep. After sleeping in a little bit, Dave, Caitlin and I got up and got ready for our flight. Dave was actually staying in Costa Rica, then traveling down to Panama - so we said goodbye at the hostel and headed toward the airport. 
In the airport we were so sad to actually be leaving. Our time had gone by way too fast. Seriously. We could've stayed in Latin America for years and been completely content. Maybe in the future we will move down there or buy a house Central America so we can visit whenever we want. But until then, San Diego is as close to Latin America as we can get.

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