Monday, July 14, 2014

Exploring la Playa Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of those really beautiful and interesting places that has been overrun by tourism. Now, this may sound weird, since we were definitely tourists down there - but I really like to see cultures and learn languages. Here, everyone offered us marijuana everywhere we went (of course that is what all tourists do in Costa Rica) and everyone spoke English to us and accepted US money. Kind of a strange tourist trap. But besides that - it was paradise. Lush and beautiful everywhere you look.

On our first full day with the trio of boys, we set out to explore the beach and all it had to offer us. There were a bunch of tide pools near our hostel, so we were able to interact with a ton of the ocean critters. Starfish, crabs, other fish... basically things you find in the ocean. :)
This was only the second time Rick had seen the ocean. The first time was when he came to our wedding in San Diego. We didn't know that. But it was very clear that he was out of his element. Just wait until I tell you about our snorkeling adventure in a few posts.
There were so many little creatures to discover. 

After exploring for a while, we met a guy who taught us how to throw a net and catch little fish to use as bait. 
Dave said he was a pro... but no luck on catching a fish. 
I tried, and had even worse results than Dave.
Then Bryce has to show us all up and catch a fish on his first try. Seriously, Bryce is good at everything. Don't know why that guy is single. 

The man took our fish to continue fishing. Then invited us to a birthday party for his daughters friend. We were tempted, but didn't make it over there. Probably because they would think it was a little weird to have a bunch of white guys show up for a little girls birthday party on the beach. 

A great adventure that occupied a lot of Ricks time on the beach was crab hunting. There are crabs all over the beaches in Costa Rica and Rick felt it was his personal mission to catch them all.

I wasn't quite as brave. I tried to hold the crab, but I was terrified that it would attack me.

Again, Bryce was great at everything and had no fears about holding a squirmy little crab.

About halfway through the day we decided to take a break and go surfing/boogie boarding. Since our friends came from up north, they had to reapply sunscreen a million times every day. After two days they had already gone through an entire tube of sunscreen. I think they went home whiter than when they came.

And we ended the night by eating sushi at a Japanese restaurant, where they were playing French music, and the waiter (a Costa Rica native) took our order in English, and we payed with US money. Such a crazy little pocket of Central America.

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