Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Zip Lining in Panajachel

We hadn't planned on zip lining while Rick was visiting. Mainly because when we suggested it, Rick was a little hesitant to go on a zip line in a developing country. But then he came here and realized that Guatemala has some of the same luxuries from the US, and they are actually pretty good at building things here. So since his fear was settled, we decided to take a day trip to Panajachel and go zip lining. 

We started off taking a boat across the lake, going to a museum that wasn't very big, and definitely not worth the cost, and checking out the artisan shops in Panajachel. Then we decided we needed ice cream and a ride in a tuk tuk, which is basically a three wheeled taxi. They are small, and great, and area always a blast to ride in. Ours could barely make it up the hill to where we were going to zip line, but with a little encouragement from the drive and us, we finally made it. 

Once we got to the zip line area, we got all strapped in by these great guides who couldn't speak any English at all. They were super fun, and kind of went through the zip lining like it was no big deal. Just another group of white tourists flying around in the trees. 

Along the way we saw some monkeys and a quetzal. We hadn't seen one of those before, so it was pretty cool to be able to see one. The quetzal is everywhere here. On the money, made out of beads, in folklore and all sorts of Mayan stories. I'm glad we were able to witness one firsthand. 
We had to climb up all the way to where we would start, which was fun to explore the jungle a little bit. The bridges were my favorite. 

I think all together there were like 8 or 10 lines we went on. None of them were especially long, but the view of the lake was incredible. And on the other side was a waterfall. Caitlin got to do this same zip line on the Meso America tour, but was still really excited to see the view again. I'll never get over how beautiful Lake Atitlan is. 
After we finished zip lining we did some other random obstacles, like walking across rope swing bridges ands such. It was fun, but definitely not as fun as zip lining, but a nice way to round out our time on the mountain. 
After doing this, I am convinced that we need to do it again on our backpacking trip. Hopefully we can find a cheap one somewhere in Nicaragua or Honduras. That would be so sweet to have another arial experience. But it would also be fun to maybe go cliff jumping or bungee jumping. We're not entirely sure yet - just something adventurous and in the air. 

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