Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Traveling Library

There are not a lot of libraries in Guatemala, but Caitlin and I have had the privilege to work with La Puerta Abierta library while staying in Santiago Atitlan. La Puerta Abierta has a traveling library program that takes books to rural communities around Santiago, and it is so much fun to see the excitement on the faces of the kids when we come in to share the joy of reading with them. 
A lot of the time there is spent playing games, and enjoying fun and creative learning activities with the kids. Then, of course, we read books with them. 

Our friend Isaias is in charge of the traveling library and does an amazing job at getting the kids excited and animated about reading. 

Caitlin has gone quite a few times than I have. She is really good at working with the kids, and her Spanish is getting really good through her practicing with the kids. 
Right now they are doing a creative giant book activity where the kids rewrite a classic book and illustrate it for a competition. All the schools are participating, and the books are going to be put on display in the center of town to try and get the town excited about reading. 
It has been such a joy to be able to participate in the library, and these kids are so excited to learn. So many kids are out of school, working, or don't have positive learning experiences, and it really makes such a difference to spend an hour in the classroom sharing the exciting aspects of learning. We are really loving it, and can't wait to come back to visit the library again. 

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