Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Spa Night

A few weeks ago Caitlin mentioned that we weren't being very good at serving one another. Maybe it's because we're living in a studio apartment and working from home, so we literally see each other nearly all day, every day - but I decided that we should have a fun night where I could serve Caitlin a little bit. So we had a Spa Night!
We started off with a homemade lime-mint foot soak, followed by a pumice stone exfoliation and foot massage... and in case you can't tell, I'm totally making up things. It's true that I made a foot soak with lime, mint, and salt - which was actually really nice. But I've never been to a spa, so I don't know how they do things, just thought it would be a fun experience.  

While Caitlin's feets were a soaking, we played some card games, cause that's what they do at a real spa, right? 
We then moved to oatmeal, and honey facials. Caitlin insisted I participate in this, and even though our skin felt real rejuvenated afterward, I was not as thrilled to participate as she was. 

It reminded me of this clip from Bedtime stories: 

The oatmeal was a little messy, but fun to play with and really easy to make. We didn't have a lot of options since there aren't a lot of spa ingredients in the market, but we made do with what we were able to find. 

Once the oatmeal was in place we relaxed with some cold cucumbers on our eyes, and then finally rinsed off and enjoyed our amazing spa treatments. I don't know if we will do this again, but it made me really want to go to a real spa and get a massage. It would feel so nice after traveling around Central America. Only 5 more weeks until we are stateside again!

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