Sunday, April 13, 2014

Easter with Puerta Abierta

On Friday, Caitlin and I went with the school Puerta Abierta to celebrate Easter. The Easter week in Guatemala is called, Semana Santa, and is basically the spring break for schools in Latin America. And since the director of the school is from the US, she introduces a few US traditions to the students before they take a week-long break. These traditions include the Easter Bunny, dying eggs, and having an easter egg hunt. It was such a blast.
We went out there in the back of a truck, which is a pretty popular way to get around Guatemala. They are like shared taxis, but everyone stands up in the back of the truck. Super nice for those hot days when you want to be outside. 
Once we got there we helped prep for the dying of the easter eggs. Then we got to dye our very own eggs! One of the little girls gave an egg to Caitlin, so she got to dye two. None of the kids in my group were as generous. :)
Then the kids sang songs and played games while we hid all of the eggs. There were so many of them! We, along with our friend Michelle, literally hid hundreds of eggs. Once we finished playing the Easter Bunny, the kids had the task of finding 5 eggs each, and a personalized easter basket for each of them. Caitlin and I even had baskets we had to find, filled with candy and a mango! 

We have loved working with Puerta Abierta. If anyone wants to spend some time in Guatemala volunteering, this is the place to be. We have made so many great friends here too - we love the teachers at the school. Isaias and Juanita are two really great teachers. We wish we would've taken pictures with more teachers, but for some reason we never really got around to it. Maybe if we see them during the week off we will grab a quick picture. 

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