Sunday, February 2, 2014

Get That Corn Outta My Face!

The other night, Caitlin and I decided to watch Nacho Libre, and since we were going to watch Nacho Libre, we decided that we had better make some nachos to go along with the movie. And boy, these nachos were amazing. We made our own tortilla chips from fresh tortillas, then we made fresh salsa, fresh guacamole (with shredded chicken in it - if you haven't tried it with chicken you should. It's the best). Then we melted some delicious cheese over top and gorged ourselves on our delicious creation. 
We did all this while watching the movie - but as soon as it was over we wanted elote. It was too late that night to go pick some up, but finally we fulfilled our craving last night. Delicious, and ridiculously spicy elote. 

In case you have never had elote, it is basically corn on the cob with mayonnaise, cheese, hot sauce, and chili powder. Absolutely delicious. It may have been the spiciest thing I've eaten so far in Mexico, but it was well worth the fire in my mouth. I can't wait to get some again.
And, I totally forgot how hilarious Nacho Libre is... especially after living in Mexico. We seriously see some of the stuff in that movie on a daily basis. Too ridiculous. We absolutely love themed dates, even if they center around a Jack Black movie and nachos. :)

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