Thursday, February 13, 2014

2 Years and Counting

Caitlin and I just celebrated our two year anniversary at the beginning of the month. 
Two years can go by so quickly. I cannot believe all the things we have been able to experience together, and I didn't think two years ago that I could love Caitlin any more than I did on our wedding day, but it is crazy how much your love grows the longer you are together and the more challenges you face and overcome as a couple.

We celebrated the day pretty low key. We went out for lunch, went and bought some souvenirs, and spent a romantic evening together. It was such a great way to spend time with the one you love.
Caitlin had to take a picture of her plate. It kind of looks disgusting, but it was amazing. Carne asada, fried plantain, and enchiladas with salsa verde. I had sopes with tinga - one of my favorite Mexican dishes. 
People watching in the center is always one of our favorite pastimes. 

If every year of marriage improves as much as ours has these past two years, I can't even wait until we've been married for 20 years - life will be unstoppably amazing! This girl has enriched my life in every way imaginable and I'm so grateful to be able to spend eternity by her side. 

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