Saturday, January 11, 2014

Good News Update

As many of you know, last year I had the amazing opportunity to donate bone marrow to a woman suffering from leukemia. I did not know her, but I was part of the National Bone Marrow Registry and I was a match for her. It was an amazing experience, and I have never regretted my decision to donate. 

Although I have never regretted donating, I have been super anxious to hear what happened to the girl who received my bone marrow. For some reason I haven't received the updates they promised me at the time of my donation. So of course it made me worried that things didn't go well with the transplant.

But this week I received the best news. Here is the email updated I received: 

Posted on 1/4/14. Transplant recipient is doing well.  She remains disease-free with minor but expected complications.  She is somewhat back to performing some activities enjoyed pre-transplant.

Ok - so it may not be the most detailed report - but she survived and is disease free! That makes me so happy. Seriously. When I received the email I couldn't stop smiling. Even if things hadn't worked out well, I still would have appreciated the opportunity to donate - but knowing that she has beat leukemia makes my elated about my decision to donate.

I seriously encourage everyone to join the bone marrow registry. There is no better gift you can give to someone than life. Nina Hagen said, "Do some selfless service for people who are in need. Consider the whole picture, not just our little selves." And I really think that is true. We need to look beyond ourselves and see what we can do to help others.

I will never regret my decision to donate - and even if you cannot donate, I invite you to look beyond yourself and see what you can do for others. Service always brings happiness. Always.

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