Monday, December 23, 2013

Una Fiesta de Navidad

We had a little visit from Santa Claus at our ward activity this past week - and he was a little different than the Santa's we've met in the states. But the kids seemed to love him (although a few were terrified). 

They had all the kids go to the front of the room and Santa Claus handed out bags full of treats to each of them. 

The party that followed was great - but we really aren't night owls, and I feel that a lot of Mexicans are. Although the party started at 6:00 (or 7:00, I don't remember), we didn't actually eat until after 9:00. So we slipped out right after dinner. A couple of people asked us later where we went to and we told them we weren't accustomed to such late parties - they looked at us like we were strange. Maybe we are getting old. Ha! We just need our beauty sleep. 

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  1. Caitlin! You look so pretty! That Santa is a little scary... haha Mexican standard time... gotta love that ;)