Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sunday Thanksgiving

Caitlin's parents and younger brother came to visit us for Thanksgiving, but since flights were so much cheaper on Thanksgiving day, they were flying out before the actual holiday. And since Mexico does not celebrate Thanksgiving, we knew we could do the holiday any time we wanted. So we decided to spend our Sunday giving thanks. 
We started out the day attending church. It is always a fun time going to church in Spanish, and I think Caitlin's family loved experiencing what we experience every week. My favorite part about church is that they never get out on time. We start very punctual, but they are in no rush to leave. We were only 20 minutes over this week, which seems like a miracle, but I shut down as soon as it is noon. I'm not one to enjoy people taking extra time at the end of a meeting. 
Caitlin and I started with dinner the night before. We made butter rolls (which turned out amazing) and an Oreo cream cheese pie. We didn't have a pie tin, so we used a frying pan. Same shape and size, just a handle to differentiate the two. It turned out bomb. 

We didn't have all the traditional Thanksgiving foods. For one, we had chicken rather than turkey. I've only seen live turkeys here, and I was not about to kill, pluck, and gut one. I asked a friend here how you would even buy one in the market and they laughed. They thought it was so funny that the gringo didn't know how to kill and pluck a bird. Chicken (dead chicken) is easy to come by, so we decided to get one of those instead. 
Then we made mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, carrots, and... I think that is it. Not a huge Thanksgiving feast, but it was absolutely perfect for us. I absolutely loved spending time with our family on a Sunday Thanksgiving. It's funny, since for the past two years we haven't celebrated Thanksgiving on Thursday. Last year it was on a Wednesday. I don't really think it is about which day of the week you do it on, but rather the act of giving thanks that is truly important about the holiday - and spending time with your family and friends. The really important things in life. 


  1. Oreo Cream Cheese Pie?! I may need the recipe for that one... I am glad you had fun and were able to celebrate it with family!

  2. Casandra, the recipe is super easy! I will have to send it to you. Hope you are enjoy your travels!