Monday, December 9, 2013

Sumidero Canyon

Have you ever heard of Sumidero Canyon before? I don't think it is so famous as to warrant too many discussions (like Palenque or Agua Azul) but it is actually a beautiful canyon in Chiapas, only about 40 minutes away from San Cristobal. So we decided to head out there and take a boat tour. 
We attempted to point to where we were on the map, but it was too high and our arms were too short. But we were somewhere near where our fingers were pointing. Ha!
And of course, they always want you to look stylish while you are on a boat tour, so they give you these beautiful orange vests to wear. :)

The tour took us through the canyon, allowing us to see absolutely stunning views from the river, as well as some crocodiles. 

It is a lot warmer in the canyon than in San Cristobal, but since it wasn't even noon yet, the sun didn't hit us for most of the tour since the walls of the canyon were so high - so Caitlin and I were freezing. I don't know how the San Diego clan handled it - I think sometimes we are just big babies. 

There were a couple of dozen more people on our tour, some of them were even on our trip to Palenque the day before, so of course we had to take a picture with a few of them... even if they didn't know they were in the shot. Doesn't this guy look so happy to be there? Ha!
Toward the highest point in the canyon, the driver announced that he was going to slow down so we could go to the front of the boat and take pictures. At first we thought we would just stand where we were, but after everybody else in the boat had a turn at the front, we decided we should too. And this was our shot. Gorgeous, isn't it?

Along the tour there were a couple of cool sites to see within the canyon. One was the cueva de colores (cave of colors) where they have a Virgen at the top of these colorful rocks. Natural carvings of the rocks are also said to portray Christ. It was very interesting. 
The second cool thing that we saw was the Christmas Tree Waterfall. As we were approaching it, Justin said, "It looks like a Christmas tree!" and as soon as he finished, the tour guide explained (in Spanish) that the name of this waterfall was the Christmas tree because of it's appearance. Justin was spot on! There wasn't much water falling, but rather more like a mist trickling down. But the green rocks were really pretty. 

After going through the canyon the tour bus dropped us off in Chiapa de Corzo, which is a small town near the canyon. It has a lot of touristy shops - and our bus said it would pick us up somewhere in the center in an hour and a half. There wasn't much to see, so eventually we took a break at the fountain in the center and enjoyed watching the pigeons fly around and wait for the bus to come.
We liked the canyon a lot. I love being out in nature and it made me wish I had my own boat to go through the canyon without a mass of other people. But definitely a beautiful site to see in Chiapas. 

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  1. Did you have tamales at Chiapa de Corzo? They have REALLY good ones (sweet and savory)! I went there with my host family. Also that is an Awesome family pic!