Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Last Afternoon

I am finally blogging the last afternoon we had with the Hendricksons before they left us to go back to California. It was after out day at the Sumidero Canyon, and when we got back to San Cristobal, it was freezing. Seriously, it was one of the coldest days we have ever experienced in Mexico so far. But we had a few things planned, so we had to stay outside in the freezing cold. 
The first thing we did was head to our landlords chocolate shop to sample a few chocolates and Mexican hot chocolate. Then we walked up to the Iglesia de Guadalupe, which is another prominent church set up on a hill. Although not as many stairs as we had walked up to go to the Iglesia de San Cristobal, it is still quite a trek, especially since you first have to walk all the way up the hill to the base of the stairs. But all of San Cristobal is set on one hill or another, so we are kind of used to that.

This church boasts an incredible view of the city, so we wanted to take the Hendricksons up to the top to see SC one last time before they left. 

Afterward we decided to try a new restaurant outside of the indoor artisan market. Justin had requested tostadas so I found a place with tostadas on the menu. But there were so many good looking foods that  we decided to get a few plates of different foods and meats so everyone could sample a bunch of different Mexican foods. We had tostadas, tacos, quesadillas, and empanadas. I think everyone had different favorites and we all ordered seconds of different foods. So delicious. Of course, the restaurant was outside so we froze the entire time. Ha!
After dinner we went home and packed and got ready for their departure the next day. The trip went by way too fast and at the end we (at least Caitlin and I) were hoping for a few more days with our family. We are going to be down here for a while longer, and are open to having more visitors. It would be great if any of our friends or family planned a trip down here. We are amazing hosts (ha!) and would love to take you in!

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