Monday, December 9, 2013

Good vs. Evil

If you have ever read my blog before, you will know that I am a huge Harry Potter fan. I know that I'm a grown man and I shouldn't be obsessed with young adult literature like Harry Potter, but I am fascinated with the story and applaud JK Rowling for her imagination. And although I love the fantasy world where Harry Potter takes place, I love even more the truth that comes through the series. 

The truth is that Good triumphed over Evil. 

I know that sometimes we may feel as though the good is slowly leaving the world and sometimes I think that I cannot make any sort of impact because of the overwhelming amount of people that are determined to do evil - but then I remember all the good that people do in this world - and that by far outweighs evil. 

Think about all the good we see on a daily basis (even among the evil). In small little ways people display goodness on a daily basis - but we are bombarded with large acts of evil through the media. I remember when the Sandy Hook shooting happened last year and Caitlin and I were distraught. We laid in bed for hours watching news footage, unable to understand why anyone could be so evil. But what we didn't see (at least not immediately) was the outpouring of good that came from that evil act. 

Today I stumbled upon this video that demonstrates how good can win even in a world where evil acts exist. Watch it with tissues because it is a tear jerker - but the lesson contained within it is worth more than this entire blog post. 

Even Anne Frank, who as a Jew suffered more than I can comprehend during the Holocaust understood this simple truth. She said, "Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart." And I truly believe that too. There may be some who commit evil acts, but I have a hard time believing that the world is evil. Good does win, every single day. And we can all have our Harry Potter endings where we rejoice with our friends and family at the truth that good has triumphed over evil.  

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