Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas in Mexico

Christmas in Mexico is a lot different than Christmas in the states. First of all, they celebrate Christmas on Christmas eve, with a late dinner (around 11:00 or midnight). And they set off firecrackers all night long as well. Then Christmas day is a day to sleep in.

Not everyone celebrates in the same commercialized way we do in the states either. There is a lot more simplicity, especially in the indigenous communities. But in the center of San Cristobal, they set up a big Christmas tree and an ice skating rink - which made us feel a little more like we were stateside.

But of course, when we went to go ice skating, it was closed, so we have yet to do that. Instead, we decided to eat some tamales - which are everywhere during Christmastime. We picked ours up at a street vendor and took them home to enjoy since it was pretty cold outside and we didn't want to freeze as we ate. 

After eating tamales, we decorated our room with snowflakes while watching ELF and drinking apple cider. It definitely felt like Christmas with a Christmas movie and hot drink. We also opened our first Christmas gift from Caitlin's grandparents - which is always pajamas. 

Ours turned out great this year. Her grandma always makes pajamas for all her grandkids and great grandkids, and those married into the family. She has her hands full around the holidays. :)

On Christmas day we woke up early and made cinnamon rolls, then went back to bed for a little bit. Finally when we got up, we opened our gifts in bed and enjoyed being lazy all morning. We spent the majority of the day skyping with our families and friends... and eating a horrible amount of food. 

Then we went to see Frozen in the theater. It was exciting because it was in Spanish - and they did a really good job with the voice over - even on the songs. I decided to post one here so you could enjoy the Spanish version. :)

We had an amazing Christmas here. We missed being with family and there were definitely some traditional Christmas things we missed - but we were happy to spend our Christmas in Mexico this year.

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