Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Card 2013

Merry Christmas everyone! Since we are living so far away, we decided to only do a digital version of our Christmas card this year. And we decided not to do a traditional holiday newsletter, and instead did a crossword puzzle. I included the word list in this version to make it a little easier, since some of the answers are a little tricky. So for your enjoyment, the Graves' Christmas card: 

The Graves Christmas Crossword 2013

3. The organization where Devin is working for his practicum
4. The name of the lake we visited for a week in Guatemala
6. We helped remodel an old New England house in this small town outside of Brattleboro, Vermont
8. We celebrated our one-year anniversary in February by attending a concert where people sing without instruments, a style called...
9. Devin grew a beard to celebrate this month
10. Caitlin made this type of jewelry to sell on an Etsy shop
12. Devin spent a week in February studying this topic in Washington DC
13. The name Devin doesn’t have a translation in Spanish, but Caitlin translates quite easily into this Spanish name
14. We tried this delicious Harry Potter themed drink during our spring break vacation in Orlando
15. Caitlin accomplished an item on her bucket list when she caught her first one of these animals
17. The amount of US states we visited in 2013
18. The name of the remedial education program we volunteer at here in Mexico
19. Devin donated this in January to a woman with leukemia

1. The state in Mexico where we currently live
2. We love being on the water, and were able to go out on the Connecticut River in one of these in June 
5. Caitlin finished her TESOL Certification and has been teaching this language since September
7. Since moving to Mexico, this has been our main form of transportation
8. Devin led a group of high school students to this country on a summer abroad program with EIL
11. We are hopelessly obsessed with this television show and watched 5 seasons in 2013
16. We toured this city in Texas where Devin served his mission

Word List 
Acapella • Argentina • Atitlan • BiggestLoser • BoneMarrow • Butterbeer • Canoe Catalina • Chiapas • Earrings • English • Fish • Houston • HumanTrafficking   Movember • Natik • Newfane • TwentySix • Walking • Yo’onik 

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