Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Agua Azul and Misol Ha

I really hate it when people take hundreds of pictures of nature and post them all over Facebook and their blogs, and yet here I am doing that exact thing. Sometimes I feel as though I'm a basket full of contradictions. :) But we spent some time at Agua Azul and Misol Ha this past week and I had to take a bunch of pictures since it was so beautiful! 
On our way to visit the ruins in Palenque, we stopped by both Agua Azul (blue water) and Misol Ha, both very famous waterfalls and swimming holes. 

Guys were offering rides around the lake on these little boats. They seemed pretty cool, but we didn't have a ton of time.
At Agua Azul, we hiked all around the waterfalls - there are a ton of them!

I have really wanted to get some Mayan masks since we have been here, but I've only seen mass produced masks that have been painted the exact same way everywhere - but while we were at Agua Azul we found some that were so unique and definitely hand crafted, that I had to buy a few of them. We figured it was now or never since we probably wont go back before the end of our time down here.

After Agua Azul, we headed to Misol Ha, which is a spectacular waterfall that you could go underneath and into some caves behind the waterfall. 

Last time Caitlin was there, she snapped a picture with this sign, so we had to get a new one. The sign looks like it has aged quite a bit since her last visit. 

And of course, we took way too many pictures of the waterfall as well. But I'll only post a few on here.

There were stairs that led all around the lake and waterfall, and we followed them up until the point where we started getting really wet. 
Clark and Teresa put on their ponchos and we donned our raincoats, but in the end the Hendrickson's were afraid of getting wet so just Caitlin and I made our way behind the waterfall.

Once you passed under the waterfall, you climbed up a little and could cross over another section and get to the caves. The bridge was just a tied-down board, but we felt plenty safe crossing it.

At the top there was a beautiful view of the waterfall.

And we were really tempted to go through the caves - but there was a guy at the top that was charging money, so we stayed back.

Like Agua Azul, Misol Ha was filled with a lot of little waterfalls as well, but I guess the big waterfall was made famous in the movie Predator, where Arnold Schwarzenegger goes over the falls. I've never seen the movie, so that little factoid didn't really impress me - but the waterfall is still really impressive.

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