Friday, November 29, 2013

Weekend Visitor

A few weekends ago, we had our friend Ian, who works with Natik, come and visit us in San Cristobal - and we had a blast showing him around and enjoying some of the activities that the city offers. 

Ian has been working with our projects in Santiago Atitlan for the past month, so he was eager to see the projects here in SC, so we took him to Yo'onik in Zinacantan, which is always an amazing experience. And then we took him out around the city at night to see some of the festivities they had in the center. 

Of course, Ian had to sample some churros (on more than on occasion), and we were more than happy to help him sample them. 

A little view of the show they had in the center. 

Caitlin and I had a good time being tour guides. It was our first time having a visitor, and I think we got a lot of practice with Ian before Caitlin's parents came this past week. 

Ian is extremely white (meaning blonde hair and blue eyes), and we were surprised with how much that changed the dynamic of the people we encountered. We got a lot of yells of guero (which is a term for fair skinned person), and we had a few girls ask to take pictures with us (Ian and myself), and were were also approached by a group of architecture students who had to describe the facade of one of the churches to foreigners for an assignment. We have never been approached or harassed that much since being here. I guess that blonde hair really makes you stand out. 

On his last day, we took Ian up to one of the viewpoints of SC so he could overlook the entire city. It is quite a hike, but well worth the view and solitude at the church at the top. 
This is what you hike up.

Ian was just finishing a 3-month overland trip from Colombia to Mexico and he blogged about his entire experience, so we were happy to host him and help him on his trek up to Mexico City before returning to the US. If we ever end up in DC, we will for sure be friends with him and his wife. 

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