Sunday, November 3, 2013

Visiting Tuxtla Gutierrez

Tuxtla Gutierrez is the capital of Chiapas, and is only about 45 minutes north of where we live. We have never really spent much time there so we decided to venture out and enjoy an evening at the temple. When we went to get a bus to go out there, we had been told that bus 35 would be the best one for us because it stops right in front of the temple

But of course, in Mexico, nobody was very helpful once we got to where the busses depart. Everyone wanted us to get on their bus so they would not even point us in the right direction. Now something you have to understand about Mexican public transportation is that there are no maps/pick up times or locations. So you just walk down to where the bus stations are and there are men walking around the streets calling out cities. Seriously, if you didn't speak Spanish it would be so confusing. Eventually, after we couldn't find bus 35, we decided to get on a transport that was nearly full. Like I said, there are no schedules of departure times, and this is because they do not depart until they are full. 

Our transport was nice, although there was a big accident due to some fog, so it took us a while to get out there. We didn't spend a lot of time exploring the city, and quickly bee-lined it to the temple, which was a sanctuary among the chaos. 
We were a little nervous to go to the temple in Spanish, and it was quite the experience. This temple is really small and we were an hour early, so we had to wait in the changing room until almost 5 minutes before the session. We didn't realize that, otherwise we wouldn't have gone in so early. The workers were really nice though and introduced us to someone who was from San Cristobal, who helped us find our way back to a transport to get home. 
I am so grateful that we have a temple so close to us in Chiapas, and so happy that now we know how to get out there and back. It really does help keep you in a positive mood to be able to attend the temple on a regular basis. 

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