Friday, November 29, 2013

Things We Miss

Every time we travel or move, there is always something we miss about the previous location. When we moved from Rexburg to Provo, we missed our Idaho friends. When we moved from Provo to New England, we missed being close to family, having the temple so close, and having conveniences (shopping center, bank, grocery store, etc.) within walking distance. And now that we have moved from New England to Mexico, there is a whole long list of things we miss about living in the states. 

Now, even though we have a long list of things we miss, that does not mean we do not absolutely love it here - it just means that we have come to appreciate so many things you can find so easily in the states.

The first thing we miss (but mainly I miss) is peanut butter. Oh the glorious goodness of that tasty treat. Yes, you can get peanut butter here - but it is like $50 pesos, which is really expensive considering the jar is ultra small. And then Ellen has to rub it in our faces that it is National Peanut Butter Month in the states. What an evil lady. :)

We also miss the change of seasons. Actually, we just miss the New England fall - which is the best season in the entire world. We have rain, sun, and soon to come, "the ice season" - which everyone hypes as the ultra cold months of December and January where water turns to ice if you leave it outside. Luckily there is no snow that comes along with the cold though. 

We are also dying to have some luscious, extravagant carpet. Our house is all tile, and most buildings are that way. We miss having warm carpet under our feet. And speaking of extravagance, we would love to have some comfortable couches and chairs. All the furniture we have experienced down here is not the most comfortable. It is functional, but lacks that "ahhh sink into the couch" feeling.

Sometimes, we even miss driving. I know that sounds crazy - and we actually really like that we walk everywhere - but sometimes I just wish I could get places faster and go places that I've never been before. I feel like I get such a great understanding of a city by just driving around. And we miss the traffic laws from the US. We are so orderly, which seems strange if you've ever driven in one of the major US cities - but I understood the laws so much better up there.

We also miss the ease of communicating with our friends and family. We have actually gotten used to this little thing, and have been a lot better about Skyping,but it is still so much easier to send texts or pick up a phone and call someone. I can't imagine how people did it back in the day when they had to write letters to stay in contact. 

We also miss knowing where everything is in the grocery store, and actually being able to buy all the ingredients we need for an exotic meal. Here, you have extremely limited options at the grocery store, and we actually do the majority of our shopping at the neighborhood markets. But we miss the ease of having everything so readily available. I guess we were spoiled in the US to have ingredients from all over the world. 
And the last thing I want to mention, which I think is the thing Caitlin misses most about the US - is not having a washer and dryer. We hand wash all of our clothes and then hang them on the clothes line to get them dry. It actually isn't that bad, but we miss the ease of doing laundry. Now it seems like such a long process, and we really realize how many clothes we wear. Workout clothes, pajamas, Sunday clothes, etc. Seriously, why do we have so many clothes? And to think, we only brought a suitcase of clothes down here. This would be even worse if we were still stateside without a washer and dryer.

But again, we absolutely love it here. And we have talked a lot about if we knew we were going to be living here fora longer time, there would definitely be some things we would need to acquire in order to live a more comfortable life. But for now, it is great and we love it... even though we long for the luxuries of home. 

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