Saturday, November 30, 2013

Serving at Yo'onik

Yo'onik is one of our favorite projects we work with down here in Mexico. It is a remedial education program that helps children with math and reading. It has been so rewarding to see the progress in the children and to get to know them and enjoy time at the center. 
Caitlin with a group of girls hugging her right when we got there.
We have been talking about Yo'onik a lot to our families, and since Caitlin's parents were coming down for Thanksgiving, we asked if they wanted to participate and help with the school. They brought down a ton (seriously, like an entire suitcase) of supplies to help out at the school, and spent a day there volunteering, doing math, reading, and doing art time with the kids. 
Caitlin's dad can speak Spanish, but her mom and brother were able to volunteer with a language barrier, and they did amazing. They brought some great games that we were able to play with the kids, and I really think the interactive learning techniques will really help accelerate the learning of all the kids at the center. 

We also had all of the kids draw pictures of themselves so we could hang them on the wall that we have deemed our art wall - and they did so great. Some of the kids were super detailed and did the embroidery on their clothes. I was amazed. It was such a great experience, and I think that everyone enjoyed there time there a lot. I know the kids appreciated receiving new supplies that they can use in the school. Now our next step is gathering enough funds to build a new center and decorate... and we are almost there. If you want to donate, check out the Yo'onik page and make a donation. It would be so cool to see the building constructed before we leave. We are about half way there with materials, and the land has already been donated. So close I can almost taste it. 

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  1. How neat that Caitlin's family could come! I love reading about your many adventures in Mexico!