Saturday, November 2, 2013

San Cristobal Festival

This past week San Cristobal hosted a festival called Festival Internacional Cervantino Barroco. It was a festival all about art and culture. We didn't get to attend many of the activities since Caitlin had classes  in the evenings and I had work during the day, but we did manage to check a few things out. 

The main plaza in downtown San Cristobal was filled with a huge stage and had musical acts and dancers on occasion. We watched some ballerinas and some other musical acts. We missed out on quite a bit because it always rains in SC, so they would delay performances until the rain stopped, and we didn't have the same patience as the Mexicans, so we didn't wait around. 

Here is the plaza one night while it was raining (drizzling) so they kept the acts going.

Of course we watched things with our umbrellas and raincoats. :)

Another night it was not raining, so we went out to explore some of the other things going on. There were musicians in the streets, and then these large chess pieces all through one of the walking paths in downtown. We decided to take a picture with every single one of them.

And although it looks extremely beautiful as we are posing with the horses, the storm clouds did eventually roll in and we booked it back home.
Caitlin and one of her many Mexican boyfriends. :)

There are actually quite a few different types of festivals and things going on all the time in San Cristobal, and we are hoping that now that we have our bearings, we will have more luck at finding them. And people have told us that the rain ends in November, so if we can bear the cold (they call it the ice season since there is no snow, but things freeze) we will attend as many as possible. 

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