Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Why is November affectionately referred to as Movember? Simple play on words. Mustache and November - officially making November a month about men (although I think eating a ton of turkey and watching football all day long on Thanksgiving kind of already gave November over to the guys). 

I have always wanted to grow a beard, and Caitlin has kindly discouraged it. And I've also been very nervous to grow a beard... what if it looked disgusting? What if it was all patchy and looked like I was still passing through puberty? But I told myself that when we moved out of the country for my practicum, I would spend at least a month growing a beard. 

And of course, there are a few bearded icons out there that make growing a beard look super manly. The guys from Duck Dynasty go for the all out crazed look of a mountain man that has never seen a razor. And who could forget Ron Swanson and his luscious, perfectly manicured mustache that makes almost every man jealous? 

And seeing these guys gave me a little bit of hope - maybe one day I can be as manly as them and start growing a beard. And eventually, I worked up the courage and started letting my scruff lengthen. And at first I just let it be, thinking that growing a beard would be easy work. You really don't have to do anything - just let it go. But then I realized I didn't really know anything about beard growing. Yes, my facial hair grew naturally, so that part wasn't hard. But how do you maintain a beard? How do you trim it, and make it look good? That took a bit of research, and I'm proud to say I kind of understand how to grow a beard now.
Caitlin didn't like the neck beard, so that was the first thing to go. I had no idea how to trim a neck so I watched Youtube videos, and googled all sorts of beard trimming techniques. After a week, it was essential to trim the neck and I think it turned out exactly how it is supposed to. But then my mustache started getting too long, and there were weird hairs sticking out that needed to be trimmed, and all of a sudden, I realized that maintaining a beard was actually a lot of work. I feel like I spend more time researching beards and how to upkeep them than I ever spent researching how to shave your face. 

And although I'm actually enjoying the beard, I am getting excited to shave it off. Granted, I'm ridiculously good looking with a beard, but it is too much work - and Caitlin doesn't like to kiss a beard. And kisses are way more important to me than any type of facial hair. So in 2 weeks, this baby is gone. But for now, all the newest pictures on our blog will have a bearded man (a real man, cause real men have beards).

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  1. It suits you! Colin is growing his too and he doesn't look bad, but I don't like to kiss him with it either, so I agree with Caitlin haha