Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween Activities Mexican Style

We thought spending Halloween in Mexico would have been super adventurous... but it turns out that Halloween isn't quite the same down here. Kids get dressed up and sing a little song as they ask for dulces from different houses - but they do it any night of the week. Seriously, we saw kids on Monday, and on Wednesday asking for dulces. Kind of strange, but we don't quite understand all the cultural practices/traditions yet. 

They also don't carve pumpkins. And actually, pumpkins (the orange ones) are really expensive. So instead, we picked up two non-traditional pumpkins for our carvings. Caitlin got a small little green one and I got a tall brown one. 
We understand now why you carve orange pumpkins - they are MUCH easier to carve than the other versions. Seriously. These things took such a long time to carve. And when we finally got ours open - mine was filled with green guts! Really quite nasty. So I decided to make a puking pumpkin rather than a regular jack-o-lantern.

Here is how it turned out: 
It had a perfect winking eye, so I decided to only make one eye and have all the nasty green guts spill out.

Caitlin went the more traditional route for her pumpkin... and actually giving how difficult they were to carve, we feel pretty accomplished with how they turned out. 

Here we are with our finished products:

Other than carving pumpkins, we have been complete slackers on Halloween activities. We watched a few classic Halloween movies, and a scary movie that scared Caitlin so bad we couldn't go right to bed afterward. :) But Halloween isn't really celebrated much here. Instead we celebrate Day of the Dead... which is today and tomorrow. So I'm sure I'll be blogging about that soon too!

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