Thursday, November 14, 2013

Giving a Sacrament Talk

So when Caitlin and I got married, she found out that I have a curse when it comes to speaking in church. Every single time I move into a new ward, or visit a ward for any amount of time I have to give a talk in church. This isn't normal. Some people go years and years without having to speak. But I must be one of the exceptions to that rule. Let me break it down for you (the past 5 years starting with the end of my mission): 
  1. Leaving Houston, I gave my last talk in Spanish (2008).
  2. Went to visit my mom in Oregon, it was Fast Sunday and I wasn't assigned to speak - but they asked me to take the first 10 minutes anyway and give a brief talk (2008).
  3. Went to my dads house in Idaho, he moved while I was in Texas, so I had never been to his ward - but they asked me to speak my first Sunday there (2008).
  4. Went to BYU-Idaho and in my first ward there, they asked me to speak within my first semester (2008).
  5. Eventually, I moved to another apartment, and of course, I had to speak the first semester I lived there (2009).
  6. I left Idaho to go on an internship in Houston, and I was assigned to speak on Halloween (2010).
  7. I moved back to Idaho, and gave a talk in my new ward a few weeks before I graduated (2011).
  8. After I graduated, I moved to Burley and attended a singles ward there while Caitlin and I were engaged - they asked me to speak the week before I found a job in Utah and moved (2011).
  9. When I moved to Utah (in November of 2011) I didn't attend a ward down there - I kept going up to Rexburg to visit Caitlin, or Thanksgiving with family, or San Diego for Christmas, so I didn't really get to know the ward that I was officially assigned to until the new year. I had exactly 5 Sundays before I got married and moved into another ward. The speakers didn't speak for long enough on my last Sunday, so the bishop asked me (over the pulpit) to speak for the remaining 15 minutes of sacrament meeting (2012).
  10. Caitlin and I went to a ward in Provo, where we were both assigned to speak. My tenth time in 5 years, and her first time in 5 years. Seriously, I had given 10 talks and she was on her first (2012). 
  11. We moved to Massachusetts, and I was not assigned to speak!!! But the curse passed to Caitlin, and she had to speak. I kind of felt bad for her - but that didn't last long. Because as soon as we moved to Mexico I was assigned to speak. Yes, that's right - we have only been here for 2 months and I gave a talk this past Sunday... in Spanish. Although it was my 11th time speaking, it was only my second in Spanish in the past 5 years. 
It actually wasn't all that bad, and I actually really enjoy preparing talks and speaking in church. It gives me a chance to really dive deeper into the scriptures and understand a gospel topic with much more clarity. I'm hoping that by the time we leave Mexico Caitlin will be fluent enough in Spanish to keep the curse (blessing) going and give her third talk in 2 years. With as much as we move, she might just catch up to me! 

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