Saturday, November 16, 2013

Feria en la Iglesia de San Diego

Since moving to Mexico, Caitlin and I have been trying to be better about having weekly date nights. It has been hard since we spend the majority of our time together, so we sometimes forget to plan something special for date night. But every once in a while we remember that it's Friday night, and we plan a fun date. 

This past week we went to a fair at the San Diego church in San Cristobal. There are over a dozen catholic churches in San Cristobal, and each one of them has a special week where they celebrate their saint, or something (I'm so sorry for my lack of knowledge about Catholic celebrations). And they always have food, music, games, and in this case a bunch of carnival rides for little kids. 
A random HUGE statue near the church.
We went out and had dinner at the fair, some tacos, pizza, and a horrible hot fruit drink that is pretty popular here. They have two that they offered us. One that is a fruit cocktail, which tastes like hot jello with cooked fruit in it. Super sugary and not our favorite. The other one they had was pineapple, where the break off pieces of sweet bread and fill the cup with the bread and pour hot pineapple drink over the bread and eat it with a spoon. We haven't tried that one yet. 

I think we got there too early to really experience much else. The rides weren't going, and there weren't a ton of people either. It was dinner time so we ate, hung out for a little, talked to a drunk guy, and then decided to walk home. Super exciting, I know. :) But it is always fun to have new cultural experiences, even if it is just a hot drink on a Friday night. 

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  1. Congratulations, you really enjoy life to the fullest :)