Friday, November 29, 2013

En Llamas

We are huge Hunger Games fans. Last year, we went to the midnight showing of the first movie, and even made shirts and lamb stew. We have read the books multiple times, and we highly anticipated the new movie. We were really nervous that Mexico would have a later premiere than the US, but we were pleasantly surprised that they actually opened on the same day - and we were even more excited when we found out that they had it both dubbed and subtitled. Yay! We could see it in English!

So we decided to go on Friday (rather than the midnight showing) - and we were two of the six people in the stadium style movie theater. Opening day of En Llamas, and there were only 6 people! Crazy sauce. And it only cost $3 (USD) each for our tickets. We were so happy the entire time we were watching it. It is so strange to see the difference in cultures. Yes, there is a lot of consumerism in Mexico, I think that is something that has penetrated every country. But we were all alone in our movie theater for one of the biggest movies of the year. I figured we would have to buy our tickets way in advance, but we showed up 20 minutes before and then went to the grocery store to buy snacks. Maybe Mexicans aren't so keen on children being locked in an arena and killing each other. Makes me glad I'm from the US, where I can appreciate that type of entertainment. :)
I am a super fan of the Hunger Games, not so much for the love story, but for the political parallels that we find in the world. It really gets me thinking, which I hope is part of the reason Suzanne Collins wrote them. And if she didn't mean for that to happen, she is an undiscovered genius. And haven't seen Catching Fire yet? Go do it. Actually, go read the books, and then go watch the movies. The movies are just great compliments to amazing young adult literature. So there it is - go read three books, and then go watch two movies. You can get that all done this weekend, I'm pretty sure. :)

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