Sunday, October 20, 2013

Lazy Days in Idaho

We love visiting Idaho for three reasons. Number 1, my dad lives there so we get to spend a lot of time with him. Number 2, my best friend, Rick Roper, lives there and we always get to see him too. And number 3, we get to be super lazy and relax while we are there. 

This is the point on our roadtrip where things start to mellow out. We stayed with my dad for 5 days, so we had plenty of time to relax with him and enjoy our time in Idaho. My little brother Colton and his girlfriend Mackee were in town visiting my dad as well, so we got to have fun and hang out with them for a few days as well.

My dad is a huge fan of fishing, and Caitlin has always wanted to go fishing, so my dad made her dream come true by taking us fishing multiple times while we were there - both off the dock and on the boat. I can't believe how much Caitlin loved it - and she even caught her very own fish! 

Caitlin and my dad holding her very first bass. We didn't keep anything we caught, but Caitlin was a natural. And I've seriously never seen her so happy around fish. 


Colton and Mackee on the boat.

Fishing on the side of the river. Mackee caught a fish that day right before it started raining on us.

So, like I said, we love visiting Idaho because my dad is there, and because Rick Roper lives there too. So we made sure to spend some time hanging out with him, and walking our bikes around the lake for a few hours. That's right, I said walking our bikes around the lake, not riding our bikes. Rick has this knack for finding adventures, and he thought it would be fun to take our bikes out to see Shoshone Falls (which is known as the Niagara Falls of the West) and then go and ride our bikes around the lake. The only problem with this plan was that there are absolutely no bike trails anywhere near the lake, and it is actually covered in boulders, trees, rocks, and other not easily ridable debris. It actually did make for a very fun and entertaining (and exhausting) afternoon with him, so we ended the night relaxing in the backyard for a little while. 

Shoshone Falls.

Our fearless leader riding his bike (before the path ended).

Along the way, we found some caves that we managed to squeeze into. They were dirty (as I assume most caves are) and we had not been properly prepped for this, so we opted not to crawl around on our stomachs to see what we could find. Instead we just ventured into the mouth of this cave. 

And then we went all through this other huge cave called the Mud Caves, which is a really cool set of caves. I had been there before about 5 years earlier with my dad and siblings, so it was cool to visit again and go with Caitlin this time. The caves were ridiculously dark, but there was graffiti all over the walls and there were fire pits and garbage everywhere. It seems like they are the place to hang out if you live in Idaho and are white trash. We didn't stay for long. :)

And finally, relaxing at the end of the day.

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