Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Houston, Texas!

Although Caitlin and I really like visiting new places, it is always nice visiting places you have been before, and Houston is definitely no exception. This is where I served my mission for the LDS church, and it is where I did an internship during my undergrad. I was so excited to take Caitlin somewhere that I had lived for over 2 years and introduce her to all the things I love about Houston.

Our first stop there was the LDS temple in Spring, which is just north of Houston. I lived only a mile away from this majestic building when I did my internship in Houston. It was a little commute, but I was reimbursed for mileage, so I didn't mind. I got to pass this building every day on my running route. 

We then went down in to the ghetto of Houston, which is my favorite place in the whole city. I think it would have scared me if I hadn't lived there before, but I took comfort in it's familiarity. We stayed with one of my best friends from Houston, Selene, and her mom. We were so excited to see them, and since they are from Mexico, they were able to give us a few pointers before we moved down here. 

Selene was a great host. She came with us to church, and took us to Whataburger. Her mom was so awesome too. They are seriously some of the greatest people I have ever met. 

We also got to visit a bunch of other people I met when I was down in Houston. The Aguilera family is  so amazing. 4 beautiful daughters with so much fun personality. It was a riot to go and visit them.

We also went to visit Carlos & Emma, who are such a riot. They don't speak English, so Caitlin got to practice her Spanish with them. 

And of course, a Houston trip would not be complete without a little tour of Galveston! Galveston was my first area on my mission, and I have some of the best memories in that district and area. I did some of my favorite activities in Galveston with Caitlin. We rode the ferry and watched the dolphins. There were a ton of them out that day, which was great. 

We went down to the strand and played a little chess. 

And of course, we played around on the beach for a while. This was actually the first time I'd gotten in the water in Galveston, and it was so warm and great, even if it wasn't the clearest water. We ended up getting super burnt, but we absolutely loved the day!

And we ended our day at the beach by visiting the Velasco family. Such an amazing, and quick trip to Houston. Hopefully the next time we go we can spend more time and visit more people. 

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