Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Detour to Birmingham

As we were driving, we listened to the Help, which takes place in the 60s in the south. We have also been incredibly interested in Civil Rights, and everything that happened in Birmingham - so we knew we had to take a little detour and stop for a few hours to see some of the sites. 

We mainly just spent our time at the Civil Rights Museum and the park across the street. We only had 2 hours or so on our way from Nashville to New Orleans, so our trip was brief. But we loved it so much! We were so fascinated with all the history, and we were awe struck with how much we didn't know, and how much our history textbooks left out. 

We especially enjoyed the park which featured statues of many of the historical incidents that took place in Birmingham. Here are a few shots from the park:

And of course, after the museum, we had to take a picture with the 16th Street Baptist Church, where a racially discriminatory bombing killed four young girls. 

We would actually really like to go back to Birmingham and explore a little bit more. I would love to talk to some of the people who participated in the marches and sit-ins and other Civil Rights activities. It would be such a world of knowledge to get the first hand experience from those who lived through it. Maybe in the next few years when we have more time/live in the US again.

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